From car park designation to warehouse safety linings, we deliver durable line marking for safety & durability.

Durable line marking for safety & durability

Vinyl line marking for light use

Vinyl tape is a quick solution for indoor surfaces which receive light use. We use a product called PermaStripe, which is much more durable than cheap PVC tape. It won't disrupt your working day Your workforce doesn't need to stop while the vinyl is being applied.

Even in food preparation areas you can carry on as normal as there are no solvents or fumes emitted. What's more PermaStripe doesn't require any curing time so it can be walked over as soon as it's applied.

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Epoxy resin paint for line marks that last

For more permanent applications line markings should be applied using epoxy resin. If you're running heavy forklifts over the surface Thermoplastic or High Build Epoxy Resin is recommended to extend the life of the floor markings.

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IRL provide line marking for...

  • Car Parks & Roads

    • White Lining
    • Directional Arrows
    • Disabled Car Park Markings
    • Cross Hatched Areas
  • Warehouses

    • Pallet Lanes
    • Fork Lift Truck Symbols
    • Fire Exits
    • Fire Points
    • Stair Nosings Painted to DDA Specification
  • Schools & Playgrounds

    • Play Areas
    • Sports Areas
    • Stenciled Graphics
  • Railway Stations

    • Platform Line Marking

Line marking can be applied to any of these surfaces: Concrete, Block Paving, Tarmac, Aphalt, Ceramic Tiles, Terrazzo Toppings.

Floor Preparation

Before your floor is line marked, it's essential to that we make sure the surface is smooth and free from tyre marks and heavy dust layers which build over time. You can do this before we arrive if you wish, or we can include the preparation in our quote. If the floor surface is damaged we may need to repair the floor before we can begin. Either using Shot Blasting or Diamond Grinding.

Diamond Grinding

This is required on floors that have taken a lot of punishment in the past. A diamond tipped machine will shave off between 1mm - 3mm of the floor and expose the fresh concrete underneath. The result is a level floor that the line marking paint can adhere to.

Shot Blasting

This is a quick process and causes minimal downtime. It removes the surface of the floor allowing the paint to adhere better.


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