Fire & Rescue

We are able to offer a competitive package for all areas of the public sector including the emergency services.

IRL can install seamless screed surfaces which are securely bonded to the ground, which makes them suitable for use in police stations and prisons.

Long wearing, hygienic, epoxy resin floor and wall coatings are a practical and economical solution for all flooring needs in this type of building, from the publicly used areas through to offices and staff rest areas.

Fire stations offer the additional challenge of vehicle storage areas where the flooring needs to be able to withstand constant movement of heavy appliances which may also leak chemicals such as oil or fuel.

We can provide flooring solutions which will easily cope with the impact from these vehicles and which are chemical resistant and simple to clean.

A variety of finishes can be used and colours can be used to mark out parking bays so that appliances can be quickly and easily parked in exactly the right position. We are able to meet the exacting health and safety requirements of this type of environment.


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