Happy New Year

As we move towards 2021 with the ebb and flow of various ‘lockdown’ criteria, we continue to work very hard to ensure that we are in a strong position to withstand each period of uncertainty. Having navigated the difficult process of a partial return to ‘the norm’ through establishing and maintaining a strong service across all of our departments, we are looking forward with confidence to the inevitable new challenges which will face us in the New Year.

The positive throughout all of this, has been that with the determination and desire to continue to provide a first class service in difficult circumstances, we continue to find that customers have been unbelievable in their response and support. For that we will always be grateful.

Currently, we are delighted to say that our renowned record on service/delivery holds firm. We aspire to work hard with our excellent workforce and material suppliers to make this happen.

Our office premises and onsite risk assessments continue to be monitored regarding Covid-19 safety allowing us to operate in a safe, controlled environment. This process is a continual improvement, through daily learning.

Whilst looking back on 2020 we can’t stop thinking about those who helped us to build a prosperous business and has been with us throughout the past year. Thank you for your support, may this new year be full of great accomplishments. 

Best Wishes

Mark Ollerenshaw, Colin Price, Debbie Harrison

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