Happy New Year

As we move towards 2021 with the ebb and flow of various ‘lockdown’ criteria, we continue to work very hard to ensure that we are in a strong position to withstand each period of uncertainty. Having navigated the difficult process of a partial return to ‘the norm’ through establishing and maintaining a strong service across all of our departments, we are looking forward with confidence to the inevitable new challenges which will face us in the New Year.

The positive throughout all of this, has been that with the determination and desire to continue to provide a first class service in difficult circumstances, we continue to find that customers have been unbelievable in their response and support. For that we will always be grateful.

Currently, we are delighted to say that our renowned record on service/delivery holds firm. We aspire to work hard with our excellent workforce and material suppliers to make this happen.

Our office premises and onsite risk assessments continue to be monitored regarding Covid-19 safety allowing us to operate in a safe, controlled environment. This process is a continual improvement, through daily learning.

Whilst looking back on 2020 we can’t stop thinking about those who helped us to build a prosperous business and has been with us throughout the past year. Thank you for your support, may this new year be full of great accomplishments. 

Best Wishes

Mark Ollerenshaw, Colin Price, Debbie Harrison




Whilst on lock down and awaiting restrictions to be lifted, IRL employees have all taken the opportunity to refresh their Health and Safety Knowledge by completing a number of online courses so that they are fully qualified when sites reopen.

Courses included, Asbestos Awareness, First Aid Awareness, Advanced CoSHH Awareness, Abrasive Wheels, Manual Handling and Confined Spaces.

All employees have successfully completed the online training utilising the lock down to be fully conversant in all aspects of Health and Safety.

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IRL Scoop award for Large Industrial Project of the year at the FeRFA Awards 2019/20

We are pleased to announce that we were winners again at the FeRFA Awards Dinner which was held on Friday 29 November at the De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre & Orchard Hotel hosted by Reverend Richard Coles.

Once again the FeRFA Best Practice Awards have highlighted and celebrated the best projects and innovation that the resin flooring industry has to offer.  FeRFA recognises excellence in resin flooring by presenting annual awards to celebrate the workmanship, diversity, innovation and commitment to quality and training shown by its members.

IRL & Remmers were awarded Large Industrial Project of the Year, sponsored by Aco Drainage.  The scope of the work was to prepare and apply a resin flooring system with associated demarcation lines to an area of 8300 m2.  EpoxyFlex PH has a good resistance to fuel, oil and lubricants and offers spillage protection from Skydrol hydraulic fluid.

This project best highlights not only our skills in providing precision line marking but also the ability to prioritise our resources in order to meet the Clients deadline. This has always been our ethos and is clearly one of the reasons our Clients come back to us time after time.  The full case study can be viewed here.

In the testimonial from the Client they commented that It had been a pleasure working with Colin on this project, throughout the project IRL employees displayed a high level of experience, dedication and commitment to quality.  The project ran smoothly despite working on a highly secure site.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions throughout the Group. Every project is different but what is the same every time is IRL’s expertise and attention to detail enabling us to carry out our work to the highest possible standard with a minimum of upheaval for our clients.




Once again the FeRFA Best Practice Awards have highlighted and celebrated the best projects and innovation that the resin flooring industry has to offer.

The gala Awards dinner, hosted by world cup-winning former rugby player Kyran Bracken, took place at The St Johns Hotel, Solihull, on Friday 23 November and saw awards presented in five different categories, recognising the workmanship, innovation and commitment to quality shown by FeRFA member companies.

IRL & Remmers were awarded Small Industrial Project of the Year, sponsored by Boud Minerals.  The project was at a Precision Engineering Company where the floor was transformed from a tired-looking space into a newly refurbished workshop area and walkway colour-matched by in-pail tainting. The project was completed within 72 hours causing minimum disruption, meaning the client was able to showcase their facilities to a potential high-profile customer. The product used was Remmers Epoxy Flex PH.

This project best highlights not only our skills in providing precision line marking but also the ability to prioritise our resources in order to meet the Clients deadline. This has always been our ethos and is clearly one of the reasons our Clients come back to us time after time.  The full case study can be viewed here

In the testimonial from the Client they commented on how they did not know we had been in yet the workplace had been transformed.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions throughout the Group. Every project is different but what is the same every time is IRL’s expertise and attention to detail enabling us to carry out our work to the highest possible standard with a minimum of upheaval for our clients.

HIP9425 FeRFA Awards 2018 Small Industrial Project IRL Group Remmers



The FeRFA Awards Dinner was celebrated in style again this year at the famous Belfry Hotel. 

IRL together with Sika were awarded the Large Industrial Project of the year award for BMW Oxford

Each year FeRFA members showcase their projects that demonstrate the versatility and wide range of applications for resin flooring as well as their innovation and ingenuity in overcoming the challenges that some projects present. As usual the judges were impressed with the quality and variety of the projects presented, the excellent quality of all the award submissions and the diversity of resin flooring applications, across different sectors from schools to hospitals, prestigious small renovations to traditional industrial flooring, gives clear evidence of the growing markets and new opportunities for resin flooring systems.

In addition to showcasing the range of top quality resin flooring projects undertaken by FeRFA members, the submissions showed members’ continuing commitment to health and safety, training, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

With three areas starting simultaneously on the Saturday and to be completed by the Thursday.  Our submission  involved the installation of flooring across a huge 3,710m2, area, a task that had to be completed in just six days.  This project demonstrated that despite the challenges we as contractors faced to complete the huge project within the  strict timeframe, thanks to the skills and experience  of our on-site teams and the excellent working relationship we enjoy with the flooring manufacturer (Sika) and client, we made possible, the seemingly impossible. 

In the testimonial from the Senior Engineer, IRL was praised for its safe working procedures and attention to detail within the RAMS. IRL’s expertise is not only in the application of the resin flooring. Its contracts management, which helped complete this mammoth application in three simultaneous areas in just five days, is testament to the skillset of IRL’s on-site teams.  We are proud to employ, invest and train our workforce to FeRFA standards.



Awarded for Perfect Delivery

It was a pleasure to receive this award recently when our team was thanked for all our efforts in perfectly delivering the project.

We were praised for our relationship with the Client and design Team for completing the project on time with zero defects.

High praise indeed and well received by our team.

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