Icosit EG-System

    Icosit EG-System is a combination of 2-component priming- and intermediate coats based on epoxy resin/micaceous iron oxide and polyurethane top coats with high chalking resis- tance and colour retention.

    SikaDur® 31

    SikaDur 31 is a two component solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in two grades - Normal and Rapid.

    Sikaflex® PRO-3

    Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high mechanical resistance for the a number of indoor and outdoor applications.

    Sikafloor®-10 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-10 Pronto is a 4-part, low-viscosity, fast curing primer based on reactive acrylic resins with enhanced substrate adhesion for the Sikafloor®-Pronto Modular System.

    Sikafloor®-20 N PurCem®

    Sikafloor®-20 N PurCem® is a three part, resin rich, water dispersed, high strength, smooth trowel grade, coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate screed suitable for floors subject to heavy loading, abrasion and chemical exposure.

    Sikafloor®-32 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-32 Pronto is a two part PU modified PMMA, fast curing, elastomeric self- smoothing binder based on reactive acrylic resins , which is part of the Sikafloor®-RB 58 and Sikafloor®-RB 28 systems.


    Sikafloor-91 is a coloured 3-component solvent free epoxy resin based mortar for patching and screeding industrial floors subject to heavy traffic.


    Sikafloor®-161 is an economic, two part, low viscosity epoxy resin.


    Sikafloor®-262 AS is a two part, self-smoothing, coloured epoxy resin coating.

    Sikafloor® Level -30

    Sikafloor® Level -30 is a polymer modified, pumpable, self levelling fast drying cementitious screed for higher thickness interior or outdoor floors, meeting the requirements of class R3 according to EN 1504 – 3.

    Sikafloor®-18 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-18 Pronto is a two part, fast curing, flexible seal coat based on reactive acrylic resins for the Sikafloor®-Pronto Modular System.
    Sika®-Pronto Pigment is used to colour Sikafloor®-18 Pronto where required.

    Sikafloor®-29 N PurCem®

    Sikafloor®-29 N PurCem® is a three part, water dispersed, vertical grade, coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate mortar for detailing work and vertical rendering.

    Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®

    Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem® is a three part, epoxy modified cementitious, fine textured mortar for self smoothing floor screeds in thin layers of 1.5 to 3 mm.

    Sikafloor®-263 SL

    Sikafloor®-263 SL is a two part, economic, multi purpose binder based on epoxy resin.

    Sikafloor®-264 Thixo

    Sikafloor®-264 Thixo is a two part, economic, coloured epoxy resin.


    Sikafloor®-264 is a two part, economic, solvent-free coloured epoxy resin.

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