Flowcoat SF41

    High performance, solvent free, chemical resistant, epoxy resin coating. Different grades of slip resistance can be achieved by inclusion of graded aggregate between coats.

    Flowcrete HF Cove

    Flowcrete HF Cove is a 3-component, solvent-free, polyurethane concrete product.

    Flowfresh HF

    Flowfresh HF is a 6 – 9 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor screed. Attractive fine textured coloured floor finish with a speckled effect on the surface.

    Flowshield LXP HD

    A three pack, solvent free, flexible polyurethane topping applied between 2mm and 3mm.

    Flowshield LXP

    A two pack, solvent free, flexible polyurethane topping applied at 1.5 mm.

    Peran STC

    Peran STC is a 2-component, epoxy-based, clear resin system. The product has good resistance to light, good durability to early contact with water (24 hours @ 20°C), and a high resistance to chemicals. Peran STC is completely crystallisation-free.

    Peran TCW

    Peran TCW is a thixotropic 2-component, epoxy topcoat, resistant to early contact with water (24 hours @ 20°C). The topcoat produces a hard, impermeable and repellent surface with good resistance to chemicals.

    Peran WW

    Peran WW is a 2-component epoxy paint for walls and ceilings that can be diluted with water.

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