FeRFA Type 1

    Type 1 Floor Seal
    Applied in two or more coats
    Generally solvent or water bourne

    FeRFA Type 2

    Type 2 Floor Coating
    Applied in two or more coats
    Generally solvent-free or water bourne

    FeRFA Type 3

    Type 3 High Build Floor Coating

    FeRFA Type 4

    Type 4 Multi-layer Flooring
    Multi-layers of floor coatings or flow applied floorings with intermediate aggregate dressing(s)
    Often known as 'sandwich' systems

    FeRFA Type 5

    Type 5 Flow Applied Flooring
    Often known as self-levelling or self-smoothing flooring: may be given a light surface dressing

    FeRFA Type 6

    Type 6 Screed Flooring
    Heavily-filled trowel finished system, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimize porosity

    FeRFA Type 7

    Type 7 Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring
    Aggregate filled system having a self-smoothing surface, or may be given a light surface dressing

    FeRFA Type 8

    Type 8 Heavy Duty Screed Flooring
    Trowel finished, aggregate filled system, effectively impervious throughout its thickness

    Guidance No 9 Car Parks

    FeRFA Guide to the Selection of Deck Waterproofing and Wearing Surfaces for Car Parks

    Osmosis Guide

    FeRFA Guide to Osmosis in Resin Flooring

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    FeRFA Guide to Cleaning Resin Floors


    AltroShield SF

    AltroShield SF is a durable twin-pack solvent-free epoxy floor coating for use in light to medium duty industrial applications. AltroShield SF offers good abrasion resistance, hygiene and cleanability.

    AltroPrime EP TD

    AltroPrime EP is a durable twin-pack solvent-free epoxy primer system/tack coat designed for bonding Altro Resin flooring systems to the existing substrate.

    AltroProof Solo Universal

    AltroProof Solo Universal is a single coat, high-build epoxy Surface Damp-Proof Membrane for application to substrates with high moisture content, isolating residual construction water and allowing early installation of moisture sensitive floor coverings.

    AltroScreed Quartz EP

    AltroScreed Quartz EP is a three-part, solvent-free epoxy resin system with a decorative appearance, comprising clear resin and coloured graded aggregates. AltroScreed Quartz EP produces a highly decorative high strength floor screed providing exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance and ease of maintenance.


    Ucrete DP

    UCRETE DP is unique HD Polyurethane resin technology with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 120°C.

    Ucrete PRIMER R

    Ucrete PRIMER RG is a non-solvented primer based on the Ucrete heavy duty polyurethane resin binder system. It is a thixotropic primer and pore filler for use with Ucrete RG render and coving grade.

    Ucrete RG

    Ucrete RG is a unique HD Polyurethane thixotropic resin mortar with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 120°C.

    Ucrete UD200

    UCRETE UD200 is a single layer, seamless, solvent- free, polyurethane flooring system. It has a textured matt finish possessing a wide spectrum of chemical resistance; withstands abrasive wear; has high impact resistance and withstands direct steam impact.


    Flowcoat SF41

    High performance, solvent free, chemical resistant, epoxy resin coating. Different grades of slip resistance can be achieved by inclusion of graded aggregate between coats.

    Flowcrete HF Cove

    Flowcrete HF Cove is a 3-component, solvent-free, polyurethane concrete product.

    Flowfresh HF

    Flowfresh HF is a 6 – 9 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor screed. Attractive fine textured coloured floor finish with a speckled effect on the surface.

    Flowshield LXP HD

    A three pack, solvent free, flexible polyurethane topping applied between 2mm and 3mm.

    Flowshield LXP

    A two pack, solvent free, flexible polyurethane topping applied at 1.5 mm.

    Peran STC

    Peran STC is a 2-component, epoxy-based, clear resin system. The product has good resistance to light, good durability to early contact with water (24 hours @ 20°C), and a high resistance to chemicals. Peran STC is completely crystallisation-free.

    Peran TCW

    Peran TCW is a thixotropic 2-component, epoxy topcoat, resistant to early contact with water (24 hours @ 20°C). The topcoat produces a hard, impermeable and repellent surface with good resistance to chemicals.

    Peran WW

    Peran WW is a 2-component epoxy paint for walls and ceilings that can be diluted with water.


    Reecote EC017

    Reecote EC017 is based on a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents and mineral fillers, which
    when mixed together provide a low odour, solvent free, high build epoxy flooring system.

    Reeflor EL002-SF

    The system is primed by the use of Reeprime EP550 or Reepol RBS80 – please refer to relevant technical data.

    Reeprime EP550

    Excellent adhesion to wet concrete - Very good film surface - Solvent free - without wetting additives - Slightly flexible properties - High mortar strength - Good curing performance at low temperatures - Excellent sealing properties - Good penetration.

    Reetop ES006

    Reetop ES006 is based on a blend of selected hardwearing aggregates, solvent free epoxy resins, and curing agents. All resins, curing agents and aggregates are supplied pre-weighed and ready for mixing on site.

    Reetop ES008S & ES008 CF

    Reetop ES008S and ES008 CF is based on a blend of selected hardwearing aggregates, solvent free epoxy resins, and curing agents. All resins, curing agents and aggregates are supplied pre-weighed and ready for mixing on site.


    Coloured Epoxy Screed

    Surface preparation by suitable mechanical means.

    Epoxy BS 3000 M

    Remmers Epoxy BS 3000 M is used as a sealant in floor and wall areas for surfaces that are sub- jected to mechanical and chemical loads.

    Epoxy MT 100

    Remmers Epoxy MT 100 is an unpigmented epoxy resin binder that is used as an impregnation agent, primer, bonding layer, level- ling layer and for the production of compression resistant mortars, flow mortars as well as a blinded layer for blinded covers.

    Epoxyflex Coating PH

    Remmers Epoxyflex Coating PH is used for concrete surfaces that are subjected to mechanical loads, e.g. car parks and industrial floors.

    PUR Top (M/SG/G/Plus)

    PUR Top is a range of thin film polyurethane seal coats for syn- thetic resin coatings with excep- tional scratch resistance. The products are available in three gloss levels, with or without in- cluded slip resistant bead finish.



    Pumabulk is based upon solvent free Polyurethane resin technology and is additionally reinforced with conventional graded silica sands. It is intended as an underlayment or infill for floor surfaces which require levelling prior to the application of a specified Pumaflor or Pumadur flooring system.

    Pumadur HF

    Pumadur HF is a heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Pumadur HF is designed with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.


    Pumaprime D.P.M is a two component, solvent free damp proof membrane designed for use as a coating over cementitious surfaces which posses high levels of residual moisture. Additionally, Resdev D.P.M may be employed over cementitious surfaces which have not been protected by an underlying moisture barrier.


    Pumatect is a two-component virtually solvent free epoxy floor coating offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Pumatect provides a tough, hard wearing coating for medium duty traffic giving high film build and wear resistance.


    Pumatect ‘V’ is a high build chemically resistant epoxy wall/ floor coating which provides the maximum protection in the minimum number of coats. Pumatect ‘V’ exhibits high levels of abrasion resistance and is used in conjunction with Pu- maflor resin flooring to produce a continuous seamless finish onto vertical surfaces.


    Resucoat HB

    Resucoat HB is a two-pack solvent-free high-build epoxy resin system for application as a heavy duty floor coating at a thickness from 180 to 500 microns. The coating will provide a smooth Gloss coloured finish to which anti-slip aggregate can be added if required.


    RESUPRIME is a two-pack solvent-free epoxy resin bonding and priming coat, designed for easy application, with good surface wetting properties. RESUPRIME is principally designed to bond thin section resin based screeds and toppings to cementitious and other surfaces.

    Resuthane TG69

    Resuthane TG69 is a water-based polyurethane resin floor screed designed to provide excellent heavy duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments.


    Icosit EG-System

    Icosit EG-System is a combination of 2-component priming- and intermediate coats based on epoxy resin/micaceous iron oxide and polyurethane top coats with high chalking resis- tance and colour retention.

    SikaDur® 31

    SikaDur 31 is a two component solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in two grades - Normal and Rapid.

    Sikaflex® PRO-3

    Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high mechanical resistance for the a number of indoor and outdoor applications.

    Sikafloor®-10 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-10 Pronto is a 4-part, low-viscosity, fast curing primer based on reactive acrylic resins with enhanced substrate adhesion for the Sikafloor®-Pronto Modular System.

    Sikafloor®-20 N PurCem®

    Sikafloor®-20 N PurCem® is a three part, resin rich, water dispersed, high strength, smooth trowel grade, coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate screed suitable for floors subject to heavy loading, abrasion and chemical exposure.

    Sikafloor®-32 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-32 Pronto is a two part PU modified PMMA, fast curing, elastomeric self- smoothing binder based on reactive acrylic resins , which is part of the Sikafloor®-RB 58 and Sikafloor®-RB 28 systems.


    Sikafloor-91 is a coloured 3-component solvent free epoxy resin based mortar for patching and screeding industrial floors subject to heavy traffic.


    Sikafloor®-161 is an economic, two part, low viscosity epoxy resin.


    Sikafloor®-262 AS is a two part, self-smoothing, coloured epoxy resin coating.

    Sikafloor® Level -30

    Sikafloor® Level -30 is a polymer modified, pumpable, self levelling fast drying cementitious screed for higher thickness interior or outdoor floors, meeting the requirements of class R3 according to EN 1504 – 3.

    Sikafloor®-18 Pronto

    Sikafloor®-18 Pronto is a two part, fast curing, flexible seal coat based on reactive acrylic resins for the Sikafloor®-Pronto Modular System.
    Sika®-Pronto Pigment is used to colour Sikafloor®-18 Pronto where required.

    Sikafloor®-29 N PurCem®

    Sikafloor®-29 N PurCem® is a three part, water dispersed, vertical grade, coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate mortar for detailing work and vertical rendering.

    Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®

    Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem® is a three part, epoxy modified cementitious, fine textured mortar for self smoothing floor screeds in thin layers of 1.5 to 3 mm.

    Sikafloor®-263 SL

    Sikafloor®-263 SL is a two part, economic, multi purpose binder based on epoxy resin.

    Sikafloor®-264 Thixo

    Sikafloor®-264 Thixo is a two part, economic, coloured epoxy resin.


    Sikafloor®-264 is a two part, economic, solvent-free coloured epoxy resin.

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