Our Award Winning Large Industrial Project of the year is for the successful completion of the works at Project Dove.  This has to be our largest contract to date and we are extremely proud of the accomplishment and the achievements of all of our team and Sika who played a massive part in this project that showcases  IRL’s expertise in Floor and Wall Coatings and project management.

With a combined order value from John Sisk and the client direct in excess of £1.7 million the project spanned from September 2013 through to March 2015.

Together with Sika Limited we successfully completed the areas below in some very challenging situations.  Our workforce came up trumps though to skillfully install the Sika systems and to handover snag free on time to an extremely satisfied Client.

Resin Flooring

General Floor Areas – Sikafloor 264 Thixo (26,000m2)

Chiller Floor Areas – Sikafloor 20 PurCem Polyurethane Screed (1000m2)

CIP Areas

Sikafloor 390 Chemical Resistant Resin Flooring (500m2)

Wall Finishes

Sikagard 205W System (35,000m2)

Ceiling Finishes

Sikagard 205W System (26,000m2)

Our site supervisor Gary Varley pulled in all our resources to maintain the programme for these works and at one point we had 40 of our team on site in different locations, The new buildings comprised;

•             FD – Freeze Dried Building                                                                                         

•             SF – Semi Finished Product

•             FP – Filling and Packing

•             PW – Packing Warehouse

•             EXA – Extraction

•             EXN – Extraction

•             EXG – Extraction

•             RT – Roasting

•             WS – Workshop

•             GB – Green Bean Delivery

•             PB – Package Boiler

•             FB – Fluid Bed Boiler

•             UT – Utilities


With such a vast area to control and the added challenge of being in an area with limited signal for mobile devices we invested in a radio frequency walkie talkie system so that Gary could stay in contact and liaise with the team.  Health and safety was paramount on such a large site and as there were so many trades on site at any one time we introduced the use of MyZone transmitter devices, these were installed to all plant and every one of our employees wore a receiver so that if a forklift or MEWP was being moved and our team were in the vicinity their receivers would bleep to notify them of the potential risk.

  • JD4 4763

The level of service given to the client was second to none as Gary would attend health and safety meetings on a weekly basis and present this in the form  of  a tool box talk to all of the team. Gary also attended daily metric meetings to liaise directly with the client and other trades.  Whilst we were on site we arranged for the members of our team who were not previously trained in working at height ie, MEWPS, PASMA, Harness training to undergo training to ensure a safe and qualified team.

Health and Safety Awareness was always at the top of the agenda  and whilst we were on site we exhibited at the “Safety Day” Event held on site at Project Dove, Tutbury to promote “Safety Awareness & Best Practice” for all site personnel including Management, Site Contractors and Site Suppliers. The event included guest speaker Ken Woodward, who gave a compelling talk on how important Site Safety is to everyone, and what happens when site safety is ignored and the consequences that can happen, all the more poignant due to the fact that Ken actually lost his sight in both eyes as a result of poor safety management.

As the works progressed into the winter months the Client fell behind with their programme so we had the added obstacle of working in incomplete buildings that were not weather protected to contend with! On such a large site though and with the cooperation of our team and other trades we could move to a different building and commence works there.

Over 97% of the waste created from the project was recycled in fact Nestle were so impressed with our Waste Management Plan that this was emailed to all contractors on site for them to use as a good example. The Clients Health and Safety Advisor said “ IRL have displayed very good management of their hazardous waste if you are looking for a good example of how to do this” . An excellent recognition for us.

At the end of the project as a testament we were unexpectedly presented with a glass award for recognition of our works on site which was very rewarding and Norman Skea said “‘I was very happy to have IRL working on our project. They are easy to work with, do not require much supervision and deliver what they say they will do. IRL respected the timing and quality requirements of the project. It was a pleasure to have them on site.’

We were also the Winners of the Large Industrial Project Award with Sika at the FeRFA Awards Ceremony.  

Each year FeRFA members showcase their projects that demonstrate the versatility and wide range of applications for resin flooring as well as their innovation and ingenuity in overcoming the challenges that some projects present. As usual the judges were impressed with the quality and variety of the projects presented, the excellent quality of all the award submissions and the diversity of resin flooring applications, across different sectors from schools to hospitals, prestigious small renovations to traditional industrial flooring, gives clear evidence of the growing markets and new opportunities for resin flooring systems.

In addition to showcasing the range of top quality resin flooring projects undertaken by FeRFA members, the submissions showed members’ continuing commitment to health and safety, training, environmental responsibility and sustainability.


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