High Cross MSCP Leicester

High Cross MSCP

This major project is known as High Cross Quarter Multi-Storey Car Park and B6 Residential site at the New Shires Development, Leicester.

This development is considered to be more than just about shopping, it will provide a new heart to Leicester City centre.

In addition to the retailers there will be cafes, restaurants, a multiplex cinema and over 100 new apartments for residential dwelling.

To service the scheme is the state of the art 2,000 space shoppers car park with a covered bridge linking it to the new development.

This will bring the total parking facility to 3,000 spaces. It is expected that 2,500 jobs will be created at the Shires and that it will become one of the top shopping centre destinations and is expected to rise from 15th to 8th place.

IRL Group, operating nationally and based in Loughborough, was chosen as a specialist contractor and were delighted to be part of such a prestigious development within their home county.

The scope of the project for IRL was the application of wearing and waterproofing systems to this state of the art car park, the technical details of which are described below:

  • Multi-Storey Car Park of 9 levels which included interface at the Bridge link and service links to the new centre.
  • Residential Block B6
  • Retail Units
  • Installation of mechanical joints

Car park deck preparation
All concrete surfaces were mechanically prepared to remove existing coatings and decking material to provide a gripping profile which was clean, dry and free from laitance, dirt grease oil and any other form of surface contamination. Vacuum blasting and similar techniques were used.

All day joints were stripe coated with the appropriate Sika elastomeric material after priming. All decks were treated with the appropriate Sika epoxy/polyurethane resin system.

Car park top deck

  • Floor Coating to External Level 9 MSCP Deck Type H
  • Apply Sikafloor 350 Elastic filled 20% by weight with Sika Quartz Sand (0.1-0.3mm) with the mixed material applied at a minimum consumption of 2.3kg per m² (1.9kg per m² Sikafloor 350 Elastic, 0.4kg per m² quartz sand).
  • Apply by brush or roller, one coat of Sikafloor 156 at a consumption of not less than 0.4kg per m.
  • SHIRES 001a
  • SHIRES 008
  • SHIRES 001
  • SHIRES 002a
  • SHIRES 014

Car park ramps and turning areas

  • As per Architect’s Original Spec Type K
  • Apply by brush or roller one coat of Sikafloor 156 at a consumption of not less that 0.4kg per m.
  • After the appropriate intercoat time apply one coat of Sikafloor 325
  • Apply Sika Icosit EG5 at a minimum consumption of 7m² per kg per coat mixed material.
  • Broadcast the surface of the resin with Quartz Sabd (0.5kg per m²) to achieve the desired degree of slip resistance.

Waterproof floor coating to level 4 MSCP deck over retail block

  • Product reference: System Properties - 350/355N/354
  • Applied by brush or roller, one coat of Sikafloor 156 at a Consumption of not less than 0.4kg per m.
  • After the appropriate time apply one coat of Sikafloor 350 Elastic material at a minimum consumption of 2.2kg per m². Apply with a toothed trowel or squeegee, level and de-aerate with a spiked roller.
  • After the appropriate intercoat time, apply one coat of Sikafloor 355N.
  • Apply a sealing coat of Sikafloor 359 by roller or squeegee at a minimum consumption of 0.85kg per m.
  • Technical Performance: Artificial weathering (EN1062-11)
  • Artificial ageing for 7 days at 70ºC (EN660)
  • Abrasion and slip resistance test (EN660-1)
  • Chemical resistance test (EN660)
  • Impact resistance test (EN ISO 6272)
  • Pull off test (temperature change and freeze/thaw simulation (EN13687)
  • Static and dynamic crack-bridging properties at 20ºC (EN1062)
  • System thickness min 4.5mm


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