Food Manufacturing Facility - Skelmersdale

This project was carried out on the top floor of a supported steel mezzanine floor at a Snack Foods Factory located in Skelmersdale.

IRL were initially approached by the customer as the original floor was covered with vinyl, which, over the years had become tired looking and in areas had de-bonded from the substrate due to wet wash down areas.

The client was looking for a flexible yet durable anti-slip floor system finish that would adhere well to the Steel deck.

The solution was to mechanically strip the old vinyl floor and coving, the remains of the underlying adhesive were removed via vacuum assisted shot-blasting and triple headed diamond grinding to provide a suitable key for the new floor system.

The next step was to prime and reinstate the coving using Remmers Cove Grade Epoxy. The floor was then primed with Remmers Epoxy FAS 100 primer and left to cure overnight. The following day Remmers PUR Indu Color D60 Flow System was installed, this was hand laid at a nominal 3-4mm thickness. Once cured, a first coat of Remmers PUR Indu Color Flow D60 was roller applied then lightly broadcast with quartz aggregate to provide an anti-slip finish. A final coat of Remmers PUR Indu Color Flow was then applied as a finishing seal coat to the floor and cove detail.

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  • 327A5557 6795 47FD 94B8 536E2B726ACE
  • CE33E277 B7DD 4E59 82DF CB36D17585AC
  • F33B40B7 0EA4 4EF3 AB56 79C669F0023A
  • F76334DA D1A6 4065 AA17 11C4255E3E8C

We were able to provide a high quality & durable floor finish for our client thanks to our skilled and dedicated workforce, who produced excellent results.  Working closely with the Client’s Representative all parties were extremely pleased with the work and IRL’s management of the project.

Also, as part of our commitment to playing our part in halving the amount of construction and packaging waste going to landfill, we are pleased to announce that as part of this commitment over 98% of the waste produced  on this project has been recycled.


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